What’s New

Advanced Training

This fall Dr. Mead and his team attended several continuing education courses and seminars to advance their training and bring some of the best information about dental materials, techniques and patient care back to our patients.  

Dental assistants with advanced training

In October, Dr. Mead received three days of advanced training in implant placement and grafting with Russo Seminars.  Jaci and Heather, our expert dental assistants, attended a two day ACT Dental course along with Dr. Mead to further their skills in digital photography, impressions techniques and new dental technology.   The entire team participated in a Seattle Study Club seminar in early December that featured a motivational speaker.

Thank you for sharing sweets and smiles!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Halloween Candy Buyback this year!  With the help of our amazing community, we collected 114 pounds of goodies and lots of personal notes of appreciation to send to our brave troops!   

2015 Halloween Candy Buyback-Monday, November 2nd

Dr. Mead and team support local troops at Halloween Candy

Join us for our 5th annual Halloween Candy Buyback on Monday, November 2nd from 3 to 5pm. Dr. Mead will be buying back your extra Halloween candy for $1/lb up to 5 lbs.  We use all the candy Dr.  Mead “buys” and send it in care packages to our troops stationed away from home.  We will have cards on hand so anyone can write a note of thanks or encouragement to our soldiers. Kids who come to sell their candy can take home a new toothbrush too!

In the four previous years that Dr. Mead has hosted this community event, we have collected over 600 lbs of candy!  All are welcome to come join us!