Digital Photography

A complete picture of your health

It is important to Dr. Mead that his patients always have a clear understanding of their health and treatment recommendations.  We believe it is easier to understand the health of your mouth if you can see it they way your dentist sees it!  Dr. Mead uses high resolution digital photography to show his patients what he is seeing in their mouth.  In addition to x-rays, diagnostic measurements and physical exam observations, these digital photographs of your teeth and smile become part of your dental health record.  

Dr. Mead uses digital photography

Understanding together

At your first visit and all your check-ups, you can expect to receive an careful assessment of your oral health.  We will tell you everything we see.  But we also want to know what you see.  Each of our treatment rooms is equipped with a television monitor within an arm’s reach so that you can show us what concerns you and point out what you have questions about.